Shipping – We urge our customers to send their own trucks to pick up plant materials. If, however, you are unable to pick up your order, please specify when ordering and we will arrange delivery. We have an 18’ truck and 20’ trailer combination to make some deliveries within an approximate 100 mile radius. All goods travel at the purchaser’s risk and expense. Should any plant material damage or delay occur, please notify the nursery at once.


Guarantee – Plants are warranted to be true to name and to be in good healthy condition when leaving the nursery. All sales are made with the understanding that Deeter Nurseries, Inc. will not be liable for any crop loss, frost injury, or transplanting injury. All plant material is graded to be better than A.A.N. standards. Caliber on trees up to 4 inches in diameter, is taken 6” above ground level. Trees 4 inches and larger, caliber is taken 12” above ground level.


Claims for error, rejection, shortages or for any other reason will be considered valid only if made in writing to us within 10 days after arrival of material. All quotations are for immediate acceptance and subject to stock availability on receipt of order.
Tax Exempt Nursery Stock MUST be stated at time of ordering!


Payment Terms – A non-established credit customer is required to prepay 15% of their order prior to digging, with the balance due at time of pick up. To establish credit for an open account, please supply us the name of your bank and three references. Credit applications available on request.

For our established customers, our normal terms are net 30 days. A service charge of 1.5% monthly (18% annually) will be charged on all accounts unpaid after 30 days from date of invoice.

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Customers should be aware that under certain conditions, some risk is involved in fall transplanting of some species.


At Risk Species
Acer rubrum varieties Liriodendron Tulipifera
Betula varieties Platanus Acerifolia
Crataegus varieties Pyrus



Estimated weights and number plants per load.
Dia. of Ball Tree Size Est. Wts. Semi Load
20-22”  1 ½-1 ¾”  230 lbs. 135
22-24” 1 ¾-2” 290 lbs. 115
24-26” 2-2 ½” 450 lbs. 85
28-30” 2 ½-3” 675 lbs 60
32-34” 3-3 ½” 950 lbs 38
36-38” 3 ½-4” 1400 lbs 28
40-44” 4-4 ½”  1800 lbs 22
48-52” 4 ½-5” 2400 lbs 14
60” Truck Spade 3600 lbs  


Austrian Pine, Colorado Spruce, etc.
Dia. of Ball Tree Size Est. Wts. Semi Load
22-24” 4-5’  300 lbs 120
24-26” 5-6’ 450 lbs 90
26-30”  6-7’ 650 lbs 60
30-34” 7-8’ 900 lbs 40